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International Artisans

Special-T Gifts is proud to introduce our International Artisans line of products. Special-T promotes Global Exchange in order to support artisans from other countries. Learn more about the people and organizations who are gifted in hand crafting each diverse piece by reading below.

1.Chilean artisans formed a family owned business. Formed to support their family through glass making, then training others to help make glass products, specializing in fashion jewelry. The family owned business operates under the auspices of fair trade, ensuring that all of the artisans and craftspeople are paid a fair price for their work.

2.Haitian artisans promotes employment in the Caribbean by training unskilled craftspeople, and by assisting the independent artisans through the introduction of new designs and new market outlets for painted Haitian metal art. Their specialty is the brightly colored, artistically hand-painted Haitian metal art wall hangings. These hand-painted wall art designs include painted metal geckos, painted metal dragonflies and painted metal frogs.

Also found in the Haitian metal art capital of Port-Au-Prince, Haitian metal artists are known for making oil drum wholesale metal art. The constant hammering of Haitian metal art from the sheds in the area led us to beautiful wholesale metal art, with each stop offering new designs.

3.Kenyan women are a social entrepreneurial project where young women who learned to make handicrafts can earn a living. The women carry on the long tradition of making jewelry from recycled materials, an income-generating vocation for many men and women in the Kisumu, Kenya area.

4.Mexico artisans Work with women, who live in several villages, helped designed bags and other functional products that are made from manufactured materials, reusing aluminum pop tops, rubber from tires and plastic billboards, as well as recycling paper and candy wrappers. The women are paid a fair price for each piece that they make, which promotes the beauty of handmade products while addressing one of the main causes of environmental deterioration in Mexico - poverty.
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5.Additionally, The artisans of Tecalpulco, Mexico have long been known for their silver and abalone jewelry. The female artisan group constantly introduces new methods, materials, and machinery to compete in the highly competitive jewelry market, and have become business women, understanding the importance of customer service, quality, and design. Their product range includes semi-precious stones, shells, and even tiny flowers captured in resin. Each piece is accentuated by silver alloys or precious metals, and represents the tradition of fine Mexican jewelry.

6.Artisans from Mozambique produce a wide range of traditionally inspired crafts, specializing in the use of local and renewable wood and recycled materials in stunning jewelry and home décor. Naturally called Boab Art The extensive training given to the artisans and love for their art is visible in the high quality of each carefully crafted piece.

7.South African artisans carry the tradition of making crafts from recycled materials, such as tin cans and discarded wire and incorporating beads in his designs. Trained apprentices in the art form, are paid a fair price for the products they produced. The training and production provides a sustainable income for a growing number of young people, women, and people affected by HIV in Cape Town. Recycled tin can crafts in South Africa are often referred to as Township Art.

8.Also in South Africa are the Solid Brass artisans a group formed in the coastal town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, about a 4 hour drive out of Cape Town. Solid brass and copper are the base materials of the product. By applying extreme heat, the artisans create the interesting patterns and effects on the jewelry. No dyes are used. Each item is entirely handmade and a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

9.Zulu men and women, are comprised of the Lila Weavers, which helps over 2000 people to attain self-sufficiency, by working from their homes and therefore retaining their lifestyle and rich heritage of basket weaving and bead work, which has been passed down through the generations by Zulu crafters. Each basket is completely unique, and an artisan may spend up to six months weaving a single piece!

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